5 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Nepal


Nepal is not only the land of magnificent Everest. Indeed this tiny nation has many unique chapters of itself. If you think that you know enough about Nepal, then it’s time to rethink it. This Himalayan nation retains such culture and fun facts to make itself a unique and important country in the world. These are the things for which Nepal is identified and respected throughout the globe. But these might also be the things you most likely didn’t know about Nepal.

Nepal lives In The Future

As compared to the world calendar, the Nepalese calendar is 56 years ahead. Nepal has its calendar written in Bikram Sambat (B.S.). As per this calendar, the date of Nepal is 2078 B.S. While the rest of the world lives in 2022 A.D, we all live ahead of time. Although the tales of time travel are just mere fiction, this fact gives us the thrill of living in the future. So, if you travel to Nepal, you will live in the time ahead.

Nepal Is The Amazon Of Asia

Literally, there’s nothing like “Amazon of Asia”. But Nepal can be called so for a reason.

Nepal is the richest country in Asia in terms of biodiversity. The vegetation ranges from tropical to alpine within a small area. About 8.9% of the species of birds in the world i.e 900 species of birds and 4.2% of the world’s butterfly homes in Nepal. It also has 3.96% of the world’s mammals within only 0.3% of the land. So, Nepal is rightfully claimed as the “Amazon of Asia”. Hence, if you travel to Nepal you are likely to see the best version of mother nature.

Camping Trek In Nepal

Unlike the popular tea house trekking trails like the Ghorepani-Poonhill trek, the remote paths of Nepal are completely strange. You get lost in the alpine region where you are detached from all the materialistic luxury. You walk for the day and set the camp whenever you feel tired. Campaign trekking can be a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth the price. The presence of Nature can be felt like never before and these camping treks are hidden from the world. Nepal travel advisory doesn’t talk about these camping treks, but Himalayan masters will make the best arrangements for you.

Upper Dolpo Trekking, Dudh Kunda Trekking, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking, Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking, and Kanchenjunga circuit Trekking are some popular camping treks unknown to the world.

Nepal Was Never Been Colonized

The tales of brave Gorkhali are heard all over Britain. Nepalese are also known as the bravest warriors in the world. Despite the fact that Nepal is a small fragment of land among two domineering landmasses, its dignity is high. Nepal is one of the few third-world nations that have never been colonized. Even after the British invaded India, our big neighbor, they couldn’t invade Nepal. So Nepalese never celebrates “independent day” as we have never been dependent on anyone.

Even now, while the tourist asks “Is Nepal Safe To Visit?” we proudly say yes. It’s among the safest country for solo trekkers.

Yeti or Mystery?

You might have heard of the mysterious creature dwelling in the Himalayas that is named “Yeti”. Many individuals who explored the secluded path of the mountains claim to have spotted the Yeti. Even Sir Edmund Hillary led an expedition in 1958 to find the Yeti. We still don’t know if such creatures exist, but only the thoughts of it give goose booms. Popular treks like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna base camp trek, Ghorepani Poonhill trek, etc might be your chance to find out if these tales are true.

Not only the ones listed above but there are many more about this nation that can drive you crazy. Do you know that 8 out of the 10 highest mountains lies in Nepal? Fact that a living goddess is worshipped in Nepal sounds even crazier. Nepal travel will uncover all these facts for you and you will definitely have an enthralling experience.

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