6 Reasons to Make Istanbul your Holiday Destination


Istanbul is one of the enchanting cities in the world. It’s the heart of historical, cultural, and economic development in Turkey. Undoubtedly, Istanbul can’t compete with other destinations due to its rich culture, natural beauty, and arts. With many attractions in the city, there are many things to do in Istanbul. These include the Istanbul hammam bath, Hagia Sophia tour, and more.

Çatma Mescid Hammam

Check out the reasons to tour Istanbul:

1. A wide variety of tourist attractions

The city boasts of a wide range of tourist sites, rare architectures, and landmarks that you won’t find anywhere else. Istanbul offers a package of holy shrines, classic buildings, markets, museums to provide visitors with a memorable time while touring. Some of the leading appeals in Istanbul are; the blue mosque, Kiz Kulesi or Maiden’s Tower, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, and many more.

2. Shopper’s paradise

If you love shopping, then Istanbul should be your holiday spot. The city extends different shopping joints famous for a comprehensive collection of local items. The Grand Bazaar is a perfect example. It’s one of the largest street markets worldwide and is the best shopping joint for tourists. The spice bazaar is also worth mentioning; it’s popular and is renowned for the different spices and dry fruits.

3. Religious sanctity

Istanbul is a modern city and is receptive to issues to do with religion. Its religious interest is equally profound, and the major religions are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. One of the most revered shrines is the Hagia Sophia, which boasts years of history and reverence. Other places of religious value include; Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Basilica Cistern, and Chora Church.

4. The Istanbul Turkish bath

In the middle of antique and beautiful palaces in Istanbul lies a magical spot that forms an integral part of Turkey’s hospitality-Hamman. The Istanbul Turkish Bath is a luxurious shower that will leave you feeling invigorated after a long day of events. The structure offers both cold and hot water heated uniquely. What’s more? The history of the bathhouse dated back to the Ancient Romans and the excavations in the Pompeii city.

Çatma Mescid Hammam

5. Turkish cuisine

Istanbul boasts of the unique cuisine that comprises of central Asian, Caucasian, and European flavors. The dishes come in different flavors and delicious, thus attract visitors from all parts of the world. The Iskender Kabeb is one of the popular dishes that you’ll find in any traditional Istanbul platter. Other common Turkish foods are; Ciğ Köfte, Hunkar Begendi, and Hamsi.

6. Turkish tea

 Turkish tea is prepared distinctly in a unique pot. It doesn’t contain any milk and forms an integral part of Turkish cuisine. The tea is full-flavored and strong, the reason why it’s served in small tulip-shaped glasses.

The bottom line

Istanbul is home away from home. With warm hospitality and an endless list of attractions, the city has won many tourists’ hearts. The locals in Istanbul are friendly and welcoming and will ensure that you savor your trip to the fullest. If you’re planning to travel with family, book your flight tickets and hotel in advance to avoid inconveniences.

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