Aruba: An Island to Discover


Aruba is a top tourist attraction. The island is a popular vacation spot for Americans and Europeans looking to escape the cold winter months. Aruba has a warm tropical climate year-round, making it an ideal place to spend time on the beach or diving into crystal-clear waters.

Below are reasons why Aruba is considered an island to discover;


The beaches are what most people think of when they think of Aruban tourism, but there’s more than just sand and surf here. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing are available at any location along Aruba’s coastlines, and water sports such as parasailing and jet skiing are available at some resorts or beach clubs.

Arikok National Park

Aruba’s national park is among the most popular tourist attraction on the island. It is a vast expanse of pristine beaches, rocky cliffs, and dunes stretching from the island’s east to the west. The park encompasses over 250 acres of land, including a stretch of coastline known as Eagle Beach, one of Aruba’s most famous beaches.

The park offers plenty of places to explore and enjoy nature. At Aruba Ariba rental services, you can rent bikes or scooters from several outlets along the beachfront road and ride through the park at your own pace or stop off at any one of several lookout points for spectacular views.

Oranjestad city

OranjestadCity, the capital of Aruba, is a busy place and the heart of the island’s economy. It is also a great place to shop and eat. There are many shops around town, but some of the best ones are in The Lido Mall, located near the cruise ship dock. You will find everything from jewelry to souvenirs and even clothing stores here. Several restaurants are worth mentioning, such as La Piazza, which has excellent Italian cuisine, or El Gaucho for steak lovers.

San Nicolas Park

This park is located in the town of San Nicolas on the west side of Aruba and features an old fort built by the Spanish during their occupation of the island from 1796 until 1816. The fort was built as a defense against attacks from pirates active in the Caribbean then. Inside the fort, you will find a restaurant, gift shop, and art gallery where you can purchase souvenirs or enjoy lunch after you visit this historic site.

Boca Prins

The Boca Prins area is a very popular tourist attraction in Aruba. It is situated on the island’s southeastern coast, about 8 km from Oranjestad. Boca Prins is known for its beautiful white sandy beach and clear blue water.

Punta Brabo

Punta Brabo is a scenic beach with calm waters and great snorkeling. It’s just north of Oranjestad, about 10 minutes away by car. The beach has calm waters and white sand, which makes it one of the best places to go swimming or snorkeling in Aruba. This beach is popular with locals and tourists because it’s easy to access from Oranjestad or Palm Beach hotels via taxi or bicycle rentals. If you have time during your visit to Aruba, make sure to spend some time at this beautiful beach!

Key Takeaway

Aruba is a touristy island. It has beaches and casinos and is close to the United States. The main reason that tourists flock to Aruba is that it’s an island paradise with beautiful beaches and a warm climate year-round.

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