How do I Choose the Best Flight School?


One of the most significant considerations when choosing a flight school is its ability to offer you an excellent pilot opportunity and airline connections. It would be best to get into a flight school that shows interest in collaborating with other institutions for better outcomes. Here is what you should consider when looking for a flight school for your training.

Training Environment

It is always best to select a reputable flight training school that has been in operation for a long time. Your ideal flight school should have a training facility with all the necessary equipment. Also, the school must have enough personnel to provide for all training requirements. Check here to find the best flight schools in Florida.

Moreover, flight training schools should operate from efficient airports since you will need different equipment for different training phases. Being in a reputable school will also allow you to enjoy flight simulators for better training.


Of course, you cannot ignore the cost when choosing a flight school. While it can be tempting to consider the price as a whole, it is best to consider its inclusions. Compare different flight school’s prices and what they include and determine which suits you best. Some items that may be excluded from the cost include fuel surcharges, training materials, instructor costs, landing fees, VAT, landing fees and exams. Before settling on a specific school, enquire about the available payment plans. Can you pay in instalments? Or is the whole amount required upfront?

School Policy

What is the school policy regarding quitting your training? While some schools allow students to pay their fees in instalments, others will require you to pay all the amount in advance. What happens to the money you pay in advance if you cannot continue schooling? Can it be refunded? Can the money be carried forward if you defer and decide to return later? Even though no one plans to start schooling and then quit, it is important to make these considerations. Besides, flight training schools can be expensive, and thus, you need to get value for your money.


Generally, the instructors in your flight school should be well-trained and have enough experience. Nevertheless, having less experienced instructors for the initial bits of the training can be okay. However, the critical training phases, such as MCC or instrument rating, will require a person who has gained enough experience over the years. Some training schools will use former pilots to train such delicate phases.

Consequently, both of you should have a common language that you speak fluently to avoid the language barrier.


It is best to select a school that has well-maintained and modern-equipped aeroplanes. However, some schools will use older planes, but must be in good condition. Nowadays, most training schools use glass cockpit-equipped aircraft with LCD screens instead of the classic gauges. Also, the training school should have more than one aircraft to prevent training gaps during maintenance. In fact, the aircraft should match the number of students in the facility to guarantee efficiency.

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