How do you secure a motorcycle in a moving truck?


Riding a motorcycle gives freedom of traveling. But the problem comes when you have to transport the vehicle from one place to another without riding it. This can be due to vehicle serving purposes or when you are relocating from one place to another.

Hiring a motorcycle shipment company may seem to be a daunting task in the first place. Not all of them are able to offer professional and reliable service. To secure the motorcycle in a truck, it requires the latest equipment and the techniques. However, this is possible by a professional team.

Having the right equipment 

The service provider you hire should have the correct equipment with which it can securely place the motorcycle in a moving shipment vehicle. For this, the following preparations are required.

  • Loading ramp – The service provider should use a suitable ramp to take the motorcycle in the truck or van. This helps in easy loading of the vehicle with the proper setting in the truck. In addition to this, wooden planks should be used to secure the motorcycle in the truck so that it prevents falling or resulting in major damage while transporting.
  • Use of sturdy quality straps – The straps are helpful in securing the motorcycle in the truck preventing it from falling during transit. Quality ropes are used with the bike inside the truck to prevent damage caused to the motorcycle. It can also ruin the paintwork of the motorcycle.
  • Using of Chocks – It is important to use chocks for the tyre’s firm placing and prevent the motorcycle from moving, reducing the chance of damage.
  • Individual assistance –Loading your vehicle onto the truck requires at least two persons to ensure the motorcycle’s safety and the person who is doing the job. For this, the service provider should have an experienced team to work with.

What are the steps taken to load the motorcycle?

While loading the motorcycle onto the van, it has a chance to damage the vehicle if not done correctly. It can also cause injury to the persons involved in the task. With the right use of the equipment, the loading task becomes less risky. Some of the tips to be followed are listed below.

Securing ramp

The ramp should have a rubber end so that it rests perfectly with firmness on the van. Some ramps have hooks to tie the straps. The other end of the ramp to the van as it prevents the ramp from displacing due to the weight of the motorcycle.

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Also, you should not put the bike in gear on the truck. It should be in a neutral mode to help it move on to the ramp.

Get additional help 

At the time of loading the motorcycle on the van or truck it requires some other person’s help. When the bike is near the ramp, the vehicle is the heaviest and is often controlled. A slight carelessness can cause damage to the person involved in the work. The person should not be under the weight of the motorcycle when lifting it onto the van.

Following these steps, it is time to secure the vehicle on the truck or van. It requires some preparation where the following tips are required. Although, these steps are taken care of when you opt for a service that transports motorcycles.

  • Kickstand up – Put the kickstand up when traveling as it can cause damage to the vehicle. You need not worry as the vehicle will be in support of straps when it is transported on a van or truck.
  • Placing the chocks correctly – It is important to prevent motorcycle wheels from moving. So, it is important to place hard chocks both in front and at the motorcycle wheels’ back.
  • Use of straps – Use one end of the strap to tighten it on the van’s floor and the other end to the bike. It shall secure the motorcycle, preventing it from moving when the van is in transit.
  • You can also check how much does it cost to ship a car. This will help you compare costs – and yes, such services are the same for motorcycles! Insert here: The transport service you hire should have arrangements for the above-said steps.

The final thoughts 

With the above-said preparations, it will be easy to move a motorcycle in a truck with confidence. The transport service you hire should have arrangements for the above-said steps. This ensures that they have arranged for a secured moving of the motorcycle without causing any damage.

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