Jobs in Canada for Indians: Average Salary & How to Apply


Canadian employers prefer recent college or university graduates who want to live in the country. Recent research shows that within a year of graduating from college, 93% of new graduates secure employment in their field. Indians now rank among the top economic contributors to Canada’s booming economy, offering a wide range of jobs in Canada for Indians.

Canada, known as one of the safest countries globally, also has one of the lowest average living costs. Furthermore, the government pays for healthcare for Canadian citizens, and employers also offer respectable health insurance.

Top Demanding Jobs in Canada for Indians

It is worth noting that Canadian employers prefer students who have just finished their studies and want to live in Canada. A recent survey found that about 93% of new graduates get jobs in their field within a year. Indians have become a big part of Canada’s growing economy, leading to many job opportunities for them.

Here is a list of highly sought-after jobs with average salary in Canada. The list includes job titles, descriptions, educational requirements, average salaries, and more.

Job Title Description Educational Requirements Average Salary (CAD/Year)
Financial Analyst Monitor the company’s financial progress. CFA accreditation is preferred. Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Economics/Business $78,408
Business Development & Marketing Executive Maintain brand image, drive business growth. Strong marketing portfolio preferred. Bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Business Administration $32 – $35/hour
Structural Engineer Design structures (e.g., buildings, roads). Bachelor’s in Civil/Structural Engineering, 4-5 years exp., PE registration. Bachelor’s in Civil/Structural Engineering $78,251
Registered Nurse Provide patient care. University degree, nursing experience required. University degree in Nursing $81,856
Business Development Executive Enhance brand reputation, expand business. Bachelor’s in Business Administration, practical exp., strong portfolio. Bachelor’s in Business Administration $56,120
Accounting Technician & Bookkeeper Financial tasks (e.g., reconciliations, tax reports). College program, relevant work exp. College program in Accounting $49,060
Research Assistant, Agronomy Conduct agronomic research experiments. Experience in Agricultural Research. Relevant experience in Agricultural Research $58,000 – $70,000
Secondary School English Teacher Teach English. TESL/TELF/TESOL Certification, Territorial Teaching Certificate. TESL/TELF/TESOL Certification, Territorial Certificate $43,875
Web Developer Create websites. Bachelor’s in Computer Science, relevant exp., impressive portfolio. Bachelor’s in Computer Science $74,426
Electrical Engineer Create electrical systems. Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, PE registration. Master’s degree may be required. Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering $83,210
Mechanical Engineer Design machinery. Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Master’s or PhD may be required. Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering $74,507

Note:The average salary in the US per month is approx. $6,228 or $74,738 per year (different than Canada). However, this varies depending on the state and occupation.

Best Job Sites in Canada

You can get assistance from career centers in your colleges while actively looking for jobs in Canada. Furthermore, students may explore online job opportunities. Canada offers a multitude of websites with job listings. By keeping up a professional profile on networks like LinkedIn, you can receive offers in advance.

The websites for conducting a job search in Canada are listed below.

  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Robert Half
  • Jobboom
  • Careerbuilder
  • LinkedIn
  • ZipRecruiter

How to Apply For Jobs In Canada?        

Check out the top tips to apply for jobs in Canada for Indians:

  • Ensure Your Resume Stands Out: Keep your resume updated and tailored to match the qualifications of the job you’re applying for.
  • Choose the Right Job Sources: Utilize online job platforms and social networking sites like LinkedIn as primary avenues for job applications in Canada. Additionally, reaching out to Canadian HR professionals can provide insights into industry-specific positions aligning with your interests and expertise.
  • Pursue a Canadian PR Visa: Obtaining a Permanent Residency (PR) visa can facilitate job hunting in Canada. Pursuing permanent residency is highly advantageous for individuals with a strong educational background and relevant work experience.

What Are The Documents Required To Apply For A Job In Canada?

Make sure you have the following documents, which are necessary for getting jobs in Canada for Indians:

  • The cover letter enhances your job application.
  • Documents from previous employers, such as employment reference letters.
  • Pay slips for proof of salary.
  • Identification documents such as passports.
  • Work permit/ Visa
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Professional Resume

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