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Vacation season is drawing close and you have started listing the names of holiday destinations where you would like to go with your family. In the ensuing winter season, it is best to go to a hilly region where you can feel the chills and get fresh air free from impurities. Moreover, going to a hilly region will keep your health fit and fine. People who recovered from certain diseases go to hilly places to restore their good health. When there was a lockdown in the wake of covid pandemic in India, people could not visit temples and shrines. If you are a religious person and you wish to seek blessings of the Almighty, then you should go to one of the prominent shrines of Badrinath which is situated in the beautiful place of Uttarakhand. Badrinath is the most famous shrine among the four dominant Char Dham pilgrimages of India. The Bassinet shrine is perched at 10827 feet above sea level and located on the banks of River Alaknanda. Badrinath is a holy place which is named after the Lord Vishnu who resides in the temple. Hindu devotees who come to indulge in the beauties of Uttarakhand make sure to visit the Badrinath Temple. Hindus believe that only fortunate people can seek blessings of Lord Vishnu in Badrinath Temple. In order to go to the famous shrine, you will have to stay in a hotel in Uttarakhand. To go to Badrinath, you will have to book a flight and book a hotel as well to make your hotel stay and journey comfortable. Get in touch with the top-rated online travel agency to book your choice of hotel in Badrinath. The reason for staying in the hotels in Badrinath from the online travel site is to reap ultimate comforts which you cannot get from any other hotel. The best online travel agency caters top class hotels to the customers.

Brief About Badrinath

The bewitching town, Badrinath, is nestled in the Nar-Narayan mountain ranges. The backdrop of the mountain ranges is the Neelkanth peak which looks enchanting. In the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand lies the enchanting Alaknanda River. As per the legends, the Badrinath shrine dates back to Vedic age. One of the holiest pilgrimages is the Badrinath. Many pilgrimages consider the Badrinath shrine as chota dhaam, as it has yamnotri, gangotri and Kedarnath. Many tourists go to Badrinath to witness the mesmerizing snow-covered mountainous region. Badrinath is covered in snow for more than six months which makes the view more captivating. The temple remains closed during this period. One should travel to Badrinath very safely as the roads are not constructed properly. Safety during travelling to Badrinath becomes the major concern for many people. Road accidents and landslides occur frequently on the way to Badrinath. It goes without saying that the route to Badrinath is quite fascinating because of the scenic beauty of Himalayan ranges, hairpin bends and hilly terrain. The natural wonders of Badrinath are the hot water springs. The beautiful town occupies large crowds of pilgrims from all over the world mainly during the summer season. If you are planning to visit Badrinath, then you should book your hotel accommodation in advance. You will not feel the need of an air conditioner in a hotel when you will be staying in Badrinath. Apart from luxurious hotels, you can make yourself comfortable in several ashrams which are designed especially for pilgrimages. One can stay in the ashrams at minimal costs and can have delicious vegetarian meals. If you are looking for luxury service, then booking the plush hotels can be your best decision. When you book a room in a hotel, then you can expect easy access to the shrine with the help of tourist guides. After you visit the shrine, you will feel like looking around the surroundings of the place. As you walk around, you may come across several restaurants which offer tasty and pure vegetarian meals. Even most of the hotels offer vegetarian meals to the tourists or pilgrimages during their stay in the hotels. The dishes offered in the restaurants or in the hotels are appetizing.

Best Time To Visit Badrinath

You should not plan to travel to Uttarakhand during monsoon, as it can be a bit chancy. Most of the time, the mountainous region witnesses blockage of the road because of recurrence of landslides. The safest time to visit Badrinath is between May and April and September and October. Ample accommodations are available in Badrinath. From guesthouses, ashrams and dharamshalas to 3-star hotels, various types of accommodations can be availed in Badrinath. If you go to Badrinath during the off-season, then you can get an accommodation easily. During the peak season, countless devotees ascend to the Badrinath shrine. As a result, getting an accommodation during peak season would be next to impossible. If you find difficulty in getting hotel accommodation in Badrinath, then you should turn to the best online travel agency which is renowned for providing top class hotels and hotel facilities to the travellers or tourists. Log in to the online travel site to make your hotel reservations happen in just a few minutes. From the comfort of your place, you can browse through the list of hotels to choose the hotel of your choice. Once you have chosen your desired hotel, then you can make the payment right after going to the hotel.

Hotel Amenities In Badrinath

The facilities in the hotels in Badrinath will be doctor on call service, dispensers for disinfectants, CCTV surveillance, restaurant and coffee shop, luggage assistance, travel assistance, hospital in the vicinity, disinfectant wipes, lounge, contactless check-in, contactless room service, disposable serveware, ATM facility, medical centre, smoke alarms, ticket/tour assistance, security alarms, free parking, kids’ meals, outdoor furniture, 24-hour security, fire extinguishers, electrical chargers, comfortable room with cushy furniture, disposable serveware, in-room service, dining facility, sanitizers installed in every room, outdoor furniture, seating zone, housekeeping service and other top class hotel services will be provided by the best hotel based in Badrinath.

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