Uncovering Battambang: A Guide to This Underrated Cambodian City


Brimming with olden colonial architecture and the world-famous bamboo train, Battambang is one of the underrated Cambodian provinces that many tourists often skip to visit while on holidays to Cambodia. Battambang is located in the country’s northwestern part and is the capital of Battambang province.

Services by Battambang airport, you can reach the city in approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes from Phnom Penh by road. Known for its relaxed vibes and laid-back cafes, the city is a must-visit for those who love to travel in leisure.

You can visit various places and do many amazing things in Battambang. Consider exploring our complete travel guide to Battambang for a wonderful time in the province.

Things to do in Battambang, Cambodia

Take a Ride on the Bamboo Train

When you hear of the bamboo train, you might think of it as a typical, traditional train. But to your surprise, it is a modern train whose construction involves a bamboo plank on wheels, powered by a tractor engine. Isn’t it amazing?

Running at 45 km/30 mph, you will fly down a 7-kilometer railway through the lush green jungles of Cambodia. To enjoy the ride lasting for about 30 to 40 minutes, you will be charged approximately $5 per person.

Visit the Battambang Killing Caves

When in Battambang, you can’t miss the beautiful sunset from the Bat Caves. The area around the caves will astonish you with the breathtaking views and a beautiful Buddhist temple, but it has a dark past.

The Khmer Rouge used the Killing Caves of Phnom Sampeau as one of the execution sites during the Cambodian Genocide during the 1970s. No doubt, listening to the dark history of Killing Caves will be a somber experience. However, as you watch the monkeys play and listen to the chirping birds, you will find it hard to imagine that crimes against humanity were committed in such a wonderful place.

Explore the Ruins of Wat Banan Temple

Wat Banan, also known as Phnom Banan, is 22 km/ 13 miles south of Battambang’s city center.

Phon Banan was built in the 11th century and represents ancient Khmer architecture. Although it nowhere nearly matches Angkor Wat’s caliber, the five towers resemble those of Angkor Wat. You can reach the temple ruins after climbing over 350 steps, but it will be worth the climb if you are up for it.

Walk through the Phsar Nath Market

Located in the city’s center, Phsar Market is, if anything, a great place to stroll the streets. This market is known to cater more to the local Cambodians than the traditional markets you might be familiar with within Cambodia. While walking through the Phsar Nath Market, you can see vendors selling everything from local fresh produce to electronics and clothing.

Visit the Phare Ponleu Selpak

While on holidays to Cambodia, visiting Phare Ponleu Selpak is one of the worthwhile activities in the province. It’s a multi-art, non-profit organization for Cambodian kids and is famous locally for its circus performance. Situated in Anh Chanh Village in Ochare Commune in Battambang, you can visit here with your kids and enjoy the entertaining circus performance by Cambodian children.

●  Explore the Countryside

Your visit to Battambang is incomplete without experiencing the province’s rural countryside and villages. The two most affordable and comfortable ways to see the countryside are to book a tuk-tuk for the day or opt for a cycling tour. Regardless of your commutation option, you can enjoy the countryside sights, experience the rural lifestyle, and engage with the friendly Khmer people.

●  Explore the Ruins of Wat Ek Phnom Temple

An impressive Angkorian temple in Battambang, Wat Ek Phnom, is located northwest of Cambodia. The temple is a famous picnic and pilgrimage destination that most local Khmers visit during festivals or special occasions.

Wat Ek Phnom temple is mostly in ruins, and visitors have to walk through large blocks of stone in the temple premises. When exploring the ruins of this beautiful temple, you will feel like you are traveling back in time, making it a must-visit attraction in Battambang.

Visit Romcheik5 Artspace for Contemporary Arts

Located in the provincial town of Battambang in Cambodia, Romcheik5 Artspace is a famous contemporary art museum. It is the first museum in Cambodia that is dedicated to developing and promoting contemporary arts. If you have a soft corner for art, you can make a short trip to Romcheik5 Artspace to see the country’s contemporary artwork featuring exceptional works by prominent artists.

●  Make a Short Trip to Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm is one of the many wildlife protection centers in Cambodia where hundreds of crocodiles inhabit. Located along the river bank close to Battambang in Cambodia, the Crocodile Farm bred crocodiles, and they are conserved in the best suitable environmental conditions. When visiting the crocodile farm, you can learn about crocodile breeding and feeding and gain the adventurous experience of holding baby crocodiles.

Explore Wat Phnom Sampov

When deciding to explore Battambang, consider following the itinerary specified by Threeland Travel, and don’t skip visiting Wat Phnom Sampov. Located outside the Killing Caves, Phnom Sampov is perched beautifully at the top of a mountain. While circling the temple’s perimeter, you will be rewarded with astounding views of the valley and lands below. Moreover, the walls of Wat Phnom Sampov are bright, telling you the tales and stories of Cambodian culture.

To wrap up!

While Battambang is considered a little off the beaten track as not many tourists visit there, it’s a perfect stop you can make before or after visiting Siem Reap for Angkor Wat. You will find it quite surprising to learn that the city is home to many beautiful places and offers many amazing things to do to the tourists.

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