Unique and alternative experiences you must try in Dubai


No doubt, Dubai is one of the best treats for all looking to explore Gulf countries this year. It is estimated that Dubai has the largest shopping mall with an airport as well as the most consumerist city. Aside from eating and shopping, this city offers hundreds of other things to enjoy your trip in a distinctive way. In order to make your tour more exciting, here we’re going to discuss some of the most unique experiences that you must try in Dubai.

Ski Dubai

Skiing in Dubai seems quite unusual. Well, Ski Dubai offers you the best opportunity to the travelers all around the world. The comfortable temperature allows you enjoy the snowy weather with artificial snow in order to avoid the scorching heat outside. Have a snowball fight or ski with your family and friends consisting a trademark mountain with the height of 279 ft.

It is fascinating to know that ski resort includes numerous ski runs as well as the very first indoor black diamond course. The innovative technologies maintain the inside temperature. On the other hand, if you are not fan of skiing, you have option to enjoy with the penguins and ride on the Toboggans.

Along with this, there is also an option to enjoy and climb a human hamster ball. Ski Dubai is one of the best things to enjoy with your kids. You can also buy a special package in order to move closer to the penguins.

The Worlds Islands

Just 3 miles away from the Dubai coast- there are 300 man-made islands. These islands look like a world map when seen from above. The project was significantly based on the Palm Islands. However, due to some climate changes, the worlds islands is unable to make a clear map of the world. The boundaries are merged but the aerial view is still aesthetic as they look so look. Although the major part of these islands is only the blotch of sand, but cannot undermine the efforts of project creators.

Keep in consideration, most of the islands here are owned by the richest people of the world and private security doesn’t allow everyone to visit. However, it’s still possible to see these islands. Stay at luxury recreation area, enjoy a dinner as well as relax in a swimming pool.

Virtuality reality park in Dubai

Dubai is not only famous for its natural wonders and historical attractions; it also has unique and attractive attractions that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Virtual reality park in Dubai is this kind of project. The main purpose of Virtual reality park is to vanish the boundaries between fiction and reality. The best thing is, there is no need to wait in queue for the turn as there is open-dated access ticket.

The experiences are very enjoyable with friends and family that you can find anywhere else in the world. Select various genres like adventure, horror, mystery, or action. After selecting, go on a ride in order to forget the difference between reality and fiction- immerse yourself into a new reality.  If you or your kids are fan of computer games, virtual reality park is an incredible option.

Yacht charter Dubai

If you are looking for the best recreational activity with your family during your Dubai vacation, that is yacht charter Dubai. Imagine yourself having a delicious dinner with your loved ones under a moonlight. Soft and melodious music gives a soothing and exciting vibe. Dubai is famous for yachts as well as the best entertainment for the tourists.

The mouth-watering delicacies along with Arabic coffee on a floating boat is just a memorable experience. It is fascinating to know that yacht hire Dubai provides entertainment to both children and adults. If you are celebrating any special event on a yacht, you can arrange magic Shows, comedians, as well as live DJ etc. Yacht party brings precious memories with your friends and family. You must take some time off from the hectic routine to the much-needed quality time you are craving for.

Dubai from a Gyrocopter

In Dubai, Gyrocopter is a unique styled helicopter. It’s a mini version without any rotary engine for reaching thurst height. Get the stunning views of some of the famous place such as Burj al Arab, World Islands, Palm Islands, and many more.

The aerial views from Gyrocopter are quite amazing and you’ll never get these views from anywhere else. Have a look at incredible Palm islands and world islands from the sky. The main thing is, you don’t have to be worried regarding safety as the gyrocopter is fully secured. Moreover, the pilot will also do some stunts to make you feel more excited. In short, if you want something adventurous and unique- this activity is especially for you.

Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai

The very first ice lounge in Dubai- Chillout ice lounge contains ice sculptures. This icy environment is not only available in Dubai, but in the whole Middle East. This fun zone is one of the ideal -laces to enjoy cool-chill in a desert. The temperature is as low as -6 degrees. However, it’s maintained

In order to make the human body adjust. There is also a buffer zone where the temperature is +5 degrees. In this way, the body can easily get adjusted to the dropped temperature.

The icy experience in Dubai is more interesting when you enjoy hot beverages and hot meals used in winter. The best thing is, there is no need to bring your winter apparel as Chillout Lounge will provide you. Chillout Ice Lounge is located at the ground level of the Times Square Center. You must visit this lounge for a remarkable memory.

Desert Safari

As Dubai deserts safari are popular due to camel, that means you can enjoy desert safari. It’s one of the unique activities to try in Dubai. There is also an option to get 4×4 jeep in order to enjoy the desert soul. A lot of tour companies provide overnight desert safari packages including delicious

BBQ dinner, Arabic dates, coffee, henna painting, belly dance, as well as live music. Enjoy racing, quad biking, and camel riding over the sand. Admire the sand art while enjoying watching the artists’ brilliance.

Ras Al Khor

If you are desiring Dubai off the beaten path- head towards The Wildlife Sanctuary Ras Al Khor. Here you’ll find thousands of beautiful birds at a single space. You can’t believe that there can be huge variety of birds here. This wetland is also used as breeding ground. You’ll observe various species of birds as herons, cormorants, egrets, black-winged stilts, and many more.

In winters, the significant spotlight is on pink flamingos. You’ll also see multiple mudflats, sand flats, and mangroves for the birds. Furthermore, the place is fenced from all sides for better protection.

Alternative dining experience in Dubai

“Al Ustad Special Kebab” allows you get one of the most memorable dining experiences you can ever think of. It’s a Halal restaurant featuring Middle Eastern and Persian Cuisine with a specialty in Hummus and Kebabs. The ambiance and food is just incredible.

The place is well- decorated with vintage objects, old newspapers, old photos, and flags creating a funky environment. It is suggested to visit this restaurant on your Dubai trip in order to experience this city off the beaten paths. Try unique dishes. It is fascinating to know that; this place is old in terms of building but advanced when it comes to taste.

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