What Are the Top 5 Reasons You Enjoy RV Camping?


RV camping has grown steadily since the first travel trailers were introduced. These days, it is a legit alternative to taking the health risks associated with air travel and hotel accommodations. You drive to your destination in the safety of your own vehicle. During your stay, you are safe in your own RV.

COVID health risks notwithstanding, RV camping is a fantastic activity loved by millions. Even before the pandemic, RV sales were on the rise. More and more people were figuring out just how much enjoyment they could derive from setting up in an RV and experiencing the great outdoors.

Are you an RV enthusiast? If so, what are the top five reasons you enjoy it? Below are five suggestions, presented as questions.

1. Are you a nature lover?

It is probably a safe bet that most regular RV campers truly appreciate nature for its own sake. They love glorious sunrises and equally stunning sunsets. They don’t even mind when weather conditions aren’t ideal.

These are the types of RV owners who know enough to invest in covered awnings and RV skirting. Awnings keep the sun and rain at bay while RV skirting protects plumbing when temperatures drop. Incidentally, AirSkirts is a Connecticut company that makes inflatable RV skirting. They say it is more than possible to enjoy camping comfort even when the weather is uncooperative.

2. Do you love to drive?

As strange as it might sound to some people, your typical RV full-timer actually loves to drive. Getting on the road and going represents an opportunity to chill out and relax. Driving is a way to see all sorts of scenery with full views out all the windows. When you travel by plane or boat, the views are quite different.

3. Do you suffer from wanderlust?

Speaking of driving, it is not unusual to run into other campers who suffer from wanderlust. They have this innate, uncontrollable desire to travel. And so that’s what they do. They may hop on a plane and fly overseas every now and again, but most of their travel is behind the wheel of their motorhome or trailer-towing pickup truck.

The thing about RV camping is that there is enough opportunity in this country to keep you busy for a lifetime. There are fifty states to see along with tens of thousands of campgrounds. There are tourist sites and local municipalities to explore. You never run out of things to see.

4. Do you like having no deadlines?

There is a lot to be said about RV camping in terms of deadlines. It is nice not to be rushed to get to the airport early enough to catch a flight. It is nice not to have to be at your particular destination on a set day. When you travel as an RV camper, you can free yourself from deadlines. And once at the campground, life is laid-back and easy.

5. Do you like to meet other people?

One benefit of RV camping that doesn’t get talked about enough is the opportunity to meet other people. For some RV campers, making new friends is the highlight of every trip. Needless to say, campers tend to be very sociable and easy to get along with.

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate RV camping. If you are a seasoned RVer, you undoubtedly have yours. But if you’re new to the lifestyle, rest assured there are so many reasons you have yet to discover.

No matter where your destination is, make sure you are prepared for any emergencies on your RV trip with the tips below.

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