What is Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy all about?


Delta Airlines provides their customers with a Name Correction Policy in order to ensure that all names are accurate on their flight tickets. This policy allows Delta customers to correct any errors they may have made while filling out their flight information. The Name Correction Policy is a convenient and easy way to ensure that all travel information is accurate in the event of any delays, cancellations, and associated costs. The Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy is an essential part of ensuring that all flight arrangements are accurately completed, and passengers arrive at their destinations on time.

How to Request a Name Correction Under Delta Airlines Name Change Policy


Delta customers who need to correct any name errors (up to 3 characters) can easily do so through the online Name Correction method. This service is accessible through Delta’s website and is available for customers to make any name correction requests. The customer will need to provide the following information to complete their name correction request: their name as it appears on their reservation, their ticket number, and their credit card information. Once the customer has completed the request, an email will be sent to confirm that the Delta ticket name change has successfully been made.

Customer Service Assistance:

If for some reason, the customer is unable to make a Delta Airline name change on ticket online, or if they have any other questions or concerns, they can easily contact Delta’s customer service team. The Delta customer service team is always ready to help and can assist customers with any questions they may have regarding Delta Airlines Name change policy. They can provide the customer with any additional information they may need regarding their name correction request and can assist them in making any necessary changes as quickly as possible.

What New Customers Should Know About Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

For any new customers who are unfamiliar with the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy, it is important to note that this service is for correcting any errors that were made during the reservation process. They cannot transfer the ticket to another passenger. This includes any name errors or other information that may have been entered incorrectly. Minor changes can be successfully made online. They include typing errors and misspellings.

For major changes like last name change due to marriage, divorce, or legal name change, the request needs to be submitted to the customer service team. You will be asked for legal documents that support your true name.

This policy is extremely beneficial to customers as they can save money by avoiding any associated costs that may come with delays or cancellations due to incorrect passenger information.

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