10 Fun Things to Do in Central Florida During Your Next Vacation


Are you and your family longing for warmer weather? Are you starting to plan a southern vacation in your mind? Are you considering things to do in central Florida?

When most of us think of a Florida vacation, images of big-eared characters and roller coasters whiz through our brains. Yet, the sunshine state has so much more to offer.

Here’s what you should be checking out the next time you visit central Florida.

1. The Main Theme Parks

We can’t talk about Florida vacations without mentioning the theme parks that bring in millions of visitors each year. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, and Hollywood Studios are all unbelievably popular places to vacation with your family.

Return visitors can research vacation clubs, fast passes, and discount offers that hard-core Disney vacationers know about. If it’s your first time visiting, you may want to think about staying at a theme park resort to get access to free transportation and meal plans.

Central Florida’s theme parks have something to offer everyone. Whether you love thrilling rides, live entertainment, or outrageous food, checking out Florida’s finest parks is an experience you’ll never forget.

Orlando theme parks are big like Big Bend National Park and you probably won’t be able to see everything you want to in one trip. Focus on one or two parks you want to experience at a time, and come back for more adventures!

2. Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours, like the ones you’ll find on https://www.ultimate-helitours.com/blog/, are a one-of-a-kind way to check out the Florida landscape. From beaches to architecture to sea life, you’ll get an impressive overview of all that the state has to offer.

Make sure to book your tour ahead of time, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

3. Take a Safari

If you’ve got some animal lovers in your family, take them to the Safari Wilderness in Lakeland for a uniquely African experience.

You can take your tour on a safari vehicle driven by a very knowledgeable tour guide. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, get led by a professional through the region on ATV or kayak. And if you want an even more authentic experience, ask about going camel back.

The Safari Wilderness limits the number of people who can visit, so you won’t have to worry about waiting in line for your turn. Zebras, water buffalo, and exotic birds are just a few of the wonders of nature you’ll get to behold.

4. Legoland

If you’re looking for a smaller park experience, the Legoland Resort in Winter Haven may be perfect for you. The resort features a heated pool and builder’s workshops. And the theme park itself features over fifty rides uniquely inspired by the Lego brand!

5. Florida Air Museum

If you’ve got some little or big aviation lovers in your family, check out the Florida Air Museum in Lakeland. There’s an impressive array of antiques, warbirds, and modern aircraft, as well as one-of-a-kind exhibits.

Fun restaurants and hotels in the area mean you can make it a destination for more than one day.

6. Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is popular because of the ease of the sport. If you’ve got some anglers in your group, check out awesome destinations for catch-and-release fishing. They include Lake Kissimmee and Lake Toho.

Lake Kissimmee State Park also offers the opportunity to view wildlife like bald eagles and white-tailed deer. Mountain biking, camping, and horseback riding are also available for adventurers.

7. Life’s a Beach

If you’re looking for a more low-key vacation, check out one of Florida’s gorgeous beaches. Destinations like Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach offer soft wide sand, as well as an impressive array of resorts, restaurants, and entertainment.

Daytona Beach is home to an International Speedway, water park, and museum. And Coco Beach has an impressive zoo and golf course. Staying away from crowded parks will leave you with no shortage of things to do at Florida’s impressive seaside destinations.

8. Swamp Tours

If you’re looking for an interesting way to view the state, check out swamp tours that offer airboat rides through the Florida Everglades. These tours last around two hours and give you a chance to view wildlife.

Because the tours are on the water, you can expect to get a little sprinkle. Be sure to dress appropriately.

9. Crayola Experience

Rainy days can be awesome in Florida, too. Located inside the Florida Mall in Orlando, the Crayola Experience offers over 70,000 square feet of coloring fun.

If your kids are crafty, they won’t be able to get enough of activities like making and naming their own crayons. They can also create unique keepsakes out of crayons and shop in a splendid crayon store.

10. Escape Games

Escape games are all the rage lately, and they’re especially day-saving if you’ve got some teenagers and crummy weather.You also need to check this post the best things to do in Dubai

Destinations like Escapology and The Escape Game Orlando allow folks to solve a series of puzzles that will allow them to finally escape the room. These could involve unique scenarios or clue-decoding.

Escape rooms teach young people and adults important skills like problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. And young adults will rarely get bored or think they’re too cool to participate!

Things to Do in Central Florida

Trips to Florida with your family are an unforgettable experience. And they can involve so much more than theme parks. The best things to do in central Florida include outdoor adventures, beautiful beaches, and the friendliest folks in the country!

Don’t stop getting smart about travel. For more advice and ideas, read our blog today.

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