COVID and Holiday Season: 5 Safety Precautions You Should Take While Taking Domestic Flights



While the authorities are working round the clock to make the travel safe during COVID, you need to be careful of how you conduct yourself and adhere to guidelines for social distancing to facilitate safe and risk-free travel. Mentioned in this post are some key precautions that you can take while flying domestically, especially during the holiday season.


With the holiday season looming, domestic flights have been on the rise. From discounts and offers, travellers are being lured into taking the flights. And to make it more tempting, authorities are doing everything they can to ensure safe travel for the passengers. However, despite sanitization measures taken by the airlines and airports authorities, travellers must take personal care to keep to such safety guidelines, for their own well-being as well and of fellow travellers.

1. Plan your Travel with Extra Time

When planning your travel, give yourself ample time to travel safely. Be flexible with the times and dates of travel. This could ensure that you are not in a hurry while boarding your flight, making you overlook some simple precautions steps you should take. For instance, if you are flying for business, it is a good idea to plan a flight with leeway for your meetings, in case of delays or a cancelled flight where you could only travel on the following day.

Moreover, be sure to reach the airport 2 hours before the stipulated check-in time. Since airport processes now need to be carried out with additional safety measures,  last-minute check-ins may not work and put you and the authorities under undue stress.

2. Stay Informed with the Latest Updates

With changing rules and protocols, it is important to be up-to-date about the government guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. With new processes such as thermal screening, PCR tests, and stipulated quarantine in place, it is important to adhere to directives.

Before taking your flights, download the Aarogya Setu app on your phone in case you don’t have it. You may not be allowed to board a flight unless you have this app. This app lets you track your proximity to people who may have been tested positive for COVID in the past and helps social distance and stay safe.

3. Digitise your Travel

To limit contact wherever possible, it is a good idea to make use of web check-ins. Once web check-in is complete, you can download and print labels for your baggage tags. This cuts down on contact at the airport with counters only having to facilitate baggage drop off. Bags should also be within certain weight limits. In case you have excess baggage, make prior arrangements to make the check-in process smoother.

4. Carry Sanitiser and Maintain Social Distancing

Carry sanitiser and wear masks properly. You’ll be mostly provided with face shields while boarding the flight. Make sure you keep it on for the entire duration of the flight to protect yourself and co-travellers. Sometimes you might also be given PPE kits by the airline’s staff which you are supposed to wear throughout the flight. At airport counters, while boarding or deboarding the flight, and at airports, lounges maintain social distancing. Avoid touching surfaces unless required. Use sanitisers after touching any foreign surface. During the flight, avoid using unnecessary use of the lavatory.

5. Proper Waste Disposal

If you eat on the ground before take-off, ensure to dispose of the waste with proper care. You may also have to dispose of PPE kits of other COVID gear once you deboard the flight or exit the airport. Disposable bins have been set up inside airport terminals, with special bins for the disposal of COVID gear. Thus, take care to dispose of the waste appropriately.

Make Your Travel Safe and Affordable

These simple measures go a long way in ensuring better safety for all travellers. If you take these simple steps, you can travel worry-free. With the holiday season approaching, travelling to meet and unite with your friends and family can become inevitable. Keep these tips in mind and don’t forget to avail the latest offers and discounts on domestic flights to get the best deal. Happy flying.

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