4 Marvelous Water Parks to Visit in Al Ain


No way, you cannot underestimate the city of Al Ain when it comes to tourism and though, Dubai is the center of attention but this beautiful city also has a lot to present for tourists particularly like you visiting UAE with the family. Moreover, the state policy of making every party of the country tourist-friendly has also left the great impact on this city; thus, you find dozens of tourist spots in this blistering city. Unlike the western tourist destinations, in UAE, you have more room to enjoy different water-fun activities in relatively high-temperature, so kick off your great mission of exploring water parks of Al Ain.

Not only you find amazing water rides but witness eateries, so get ready for having the awesome blend of delicious food and rides. For getting the accurate idea about numerous water parks in the city,

The online research is must and this blog is one of its part as it manifests the most perfect spots that you can go with your family.

1- Wadi Adventure

In the beginning of your research, you witness this stunning option having numerous fun activities that you enjoy and the prominent ones are kayaking, and surfing and it is situated at the suburb of this beautiful city. Furthermore, each ride is equipped with the safety gear making your ride more seamless and safe and your kids also have a place to play safely making it a complete family park. Flight booking is always the painstaking task; hence, you should be very careful while choosing an airline and it is remarkable to snag Emirates with Emirates discount code.

2- Murjan Splash Park

This water park also has superb rides and has fun activities for everyone; hence, people of different age groups visit it and enjoy, so make your plan too and honestly, you turn out to be the inexpensive water park for you. As you are about to visit it with your family, so your little ones have a lot to explore such as the huge play area consisting of shallow pool offering various water rides. Moreover, you also explore the river expanding up-to 257 meters and it has the 0.6-meter-deep, so get on the tube equipped with safety gear and enjoy exploring this superb river.

3- Water Splash Park

This water park also exists among the excellent destination for splendid water drives and like other quality parks, it also has the specific playing area for your kids; hence, you enjoy your activities with a relaxed mind seeing your kids playing safely. It is also situated at the outskirt of the city, so you also get a chance of enjoying a long-drive.

4- Hill Fun City

It is also the great place to visit and while visiting it, you also explore the UAE’s main ice rink and it is situated in the center of city and you also get a chance of having the hili swinger, crazy clown and much more. Furthermore, it also has the cinema, so you can also enjoy watching movies with your family and make the trip to it more impressive.

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