5 Features The Best Travel Rewards Program Should Have


While reward point schemes can be found in plenty, a few still hesitate to join such programs because they think it serves only marketing purposes. The fact is such schemes could be a huge benefit to you provided you choose the best one. Mentioned here are five pointers you can put to use to select the most beneficial program.

Thanks to the unprecedented growth seen in the travel industry, it has seen a surge of players competing to offer the best service to its customers. With the ever-rising competition in the space, the service providers are finding innovative ways to make a loyal customer base.

One of the ways that work best for both the customers and the companies is point-based programs. While companies get repetitive customers, end-user get various benefits and perks that make travel cheaper and more convenient.

However, given the wide array of choices of loyalty programs, it could be a tad confusing to choose the best one. The key is to choose a program that works best for you to derive maximum gains.

Here are a few points to consider:

Wide Range of Options to Collect Points

Whether you are a frequent flier or not, you should choose a travel loyalty scheme that offers diverse choices for earning the points. It could be flight ticket bookings, credit card usage, hotel bookings, dining, shopping and more. The wider the network, the more points you can collect. Most good travel programs have a wide list of services and a long list of service providers within each of these services to help you earn maximum points.

What are the Additional Perks?

The objective of membership programs is not only to help you save but also make your travel experience more pleasant while cutting down hassles. Thus, check out the additional perks they might offer. It could be a chance to choose a preferred seat, complimentary meal, travel insurance, excess baggage allowance, and so on. Such perks make such programs more purposeful and give you more reasons to choose one.

Should Match Your Travel Plans

Say, you need to travel frequently to Singapore, but if the reward program does not include any bookings to the country or hotels, then you do not stand to benefit much. On the other hand, if you get to earn and redeem points on the hotel bookings in Singapore through a particular program, then you will be able to save a considerable amount while renting a property in the country. Similarly, you should check for more benefits the program offers, such as renting cabs or shopping, that you would probably need while travelling.

Pay Attention to The Validity Period

Most program points come with a window period within which you have to use them. It is better to check so that whatever points you have accumulated can be redeemed before the end of the time period. If you are not a frequent flier and you wish to redeem it via other ways such as shopping or spending any other way that is listed in the program, you should do so before the offer expires.

Flexibility to Redeem the Points

The best travel rewards program is the one which offers you maximum flexibility, not just in terms of earning the points but also redeeming them. For example, you may not need the points for your next flight booking, but to buy fuel, pay for your shopping, etc. So, do check out how you can use the points because that’s why you have signed up in the first place.

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Loyalty programs work both companies as well as customers. As travelling gets popular, travel reward points could help in many ways. The key is to choose the best. Sign up with one after you assess the various features and if they align with your requirements. Earn as you travel, rent, or shop and redeem as you wish

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