Traveling in 2020: Reviews This Year’s Best Travel Destinations


Wondering where to go in 2020? reviews some of 2020’s best vacation destinations, whether you’re traveling as a family, as a couple, or solo. offers access to affordable vacation rentals all over the world.

If you only get one opportunity this year to go abroad, you might want to consider the following locations.

  • Austria. While Austria doesn’t necessarily have the kind of sexy, frolicsome brand identity that most popular vacation destinations do, it’s nonetheless its own unique kind of paradise if you like storybook quaintness and Christmastime wonderment. Also, if you’re a fan of amazing Viennese pastries and the world-famous Sacher torte, you’ll be in hog heaven.

  • The Marquesas Islands. Travelers who love nature should make the Marquesas their destination of choice for 2020. It’s a gorgeous, isolated region that is one of the last relatively accessible places that are practically unmolested by aggressive tourism. For scuba divers, horseback riders, and hikers, these nearly pristine islands are a must-see.

  • Montenegro. If you’re looking for a gorgeous island getaway but want something a bit less rugged than the Marquesas, Montenegro might be the destination for you. While the Marquesas are for travelers who eschew lazy beach luxury, Porto Montenegro – a highly glamourous yachting community – offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of the extraordinarily wealthy leisure class.

  • Paris, France. There’s never a year when Paris isn’t a dream destination for most travelers. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, brasseries – need we say more?

  • The British Virgin Islands. How about a trip to the Caribbean? The beaches are undeniably spectacular, as are the strong yet irresistibly smooth local cocktails. If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, splash in the surf and unwind, Smuggler’s Cove is one of the less crowded beaches, but offers fantastic opportunities to snuggle with your significant other.

If you want to make booking your next trip affordable and easy, offers comprehensive travel tools for every imaginable kind of retreat. Regardless of where you decide to take your next vacation, reviews some of the world’s best vacation accommodations.

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